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Jump in...the water's fine!

Have you always loved art?
It's never too late to jump in and embrace your creative side.
I know it's overwhelming when you start something new.
What do I need?
How will I find the time?
Where will I work?
So many roadblocks....but don't fear :-)
I'll take you on the journey step by baby step.
Let's just tackle the "What do I need first?"
 You can really get started with just a few supplies and add more as you grow. 
Acrylic Brushes:
Flat size 6, 12, 1"
Round: 4, 8
Liner size 1
Hog Bristle Brushes:
Filbert size 8, 12
I prefer the Americana brand of craft paints, they contain more pigment and have better coverage. I love to have some of the Liquitex fluid acrylics on hand as you can mix some beautiful colors from just a few. Great coverage too. The higher end Golden fluid acrylics are my go to but pricier. To get started  I would use whatever you have on hand and upgrade as you feel the need to.
Surfaces to paint:
Stretched or canvas panels. Spiral bound mixed media pad, I look for the heavier weight paper. There are lots of fun surfaces to explore. Acrylic paint works great on slate, fabric, or wood too!
Transfer & Tracing paper:
Saral brand transfer paper comes in all colors. It is reusable and lasts forever, a sheet of black and white is all you will need. You can also just rub a pencil on the backside of your pattern and the graphite will transfer for you.
   You can use a foam plate or tray. Paper palettes are available in pads.
Palette Knife:
Handy to not only mix paints but to apply paint.
Water container:
I use plastic cups but a fun mug would work. 
Paper Towels:
I like the half size and layer a few near my palette.
Favorite art suppplies
What will you paint?

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  • This is so helpful, especially the checklist.


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